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  • How can I be sure that this works for me?
    Payments are due in arrears. So if you try the system and decide not to keep this within 30 days then you need pay nothing.
  • Can I cancel at any point?
    Yes. You will be notified of each direct debit collection so that you have a chance to cancel before it is collected. We do however appreciate that you are a customer, the customer is always right and it is your choice if you wish to cancel the service.
  • Will VAT rates be changed automatically?
    Yes. Any rate changes will be updated in the system. We will not apply these automatically as you may for example be entering expenses after date so that the rate is not the current rate.
  • Will I get charged for future software upgrades?
    No. Our accounting software is under continual development, based on customer feedback and any updates are automatically applied.
  • Is it possible to set up more than one user?
    Yes you can have as many users as you like and you will be able to specify user rights when setting these up. In this way you can restrict access to certain parts of the system if you desire.
  • The prices are very reasonable but how do I know they will not rocket after a year?
    Our aim is to provide a very cost effective system. Unfortunately this relies on your data input being accurate and issues would only arise where this were not the case. In this situation we would speak to you about improvements rather than increase fees. In general terms prices invariably increase with wage costs, inflation etc. We would however guarantee that our fixed prices will not increase by more than 10% per annum.
  • My accountant offers an insurance to cover costs in a Revenue Enquiry, do you?"
    Yes. This is available under as a separate item within our shop. It is not included within our fees as it is optional. Some clients like the peace of mind that this offers and some clients view any insurance policy as a waste of money. We would however remind you that you would be liable for any additional fees arising from an enquiry if a policy is not in place.
  • What if I can't see the question I'm looking for?
    No problem! Just get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or by email or phone. We would be happy to help with any questions you may have.
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