Accounting in the cloud with a down to earth service.

Accounts-Wizard allows you to control your business from anywhere, combined with the personalised service from a team of accountants and advisers.

Running your business doesn't have to be difficult.

What if you could save time and money on your accounting, whilst having your business insights at your fingertips? Meet Accounts-Wizard - we're more than just your average accountants.


More than just software

We do more than just give you access to our range of softwares. From accounts to tax, formation to design, we'll work along-side you as you run your business.

What we do

Perfect for small businesses

Work with our experts to run your business from anywhere. Our digital approach helps you save time and money while staying on top of your finances.

Who we help

Resources to help you along the way.

We share the latest news, tips and articles that will affect your business.

Our personal service

Working with clients across the UK, we believe in providing a personal service that can be tailored to each client's individual wants and needs.

Who we are

01268 770099

01268 770099

How we do it

We’ve been using cloud technologies for over 10 years now. That’s how we’ve perfected our process. We  connect our clients with a range of software and apps to bring huge benefits to you and your business.

See how

Full of features

Stay on top of your finances and keep on track with who owes you money.

Manage your business from anywhere at any time, on any device with internet.

Connect to your business bank account for an easy-to-use live bank feed.

Connect with your accountant or bookkeeper and work along-side eachother online.

Showcase your business with personalised invoices and customised reports.

Receive ongoing support, advice and guidance from our team of experts.

"Very fairly priced, set me up with Quickbooks too. I have no hesitation recommending them. If you need an accountant, look no further!"

See how Accounts-Wizard can transform your business.

Let's make magic. Talk to one of our experts today.

Who we are

Who we help

What we do

How we do it





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